Crest Birdseed Range

Think value, think fresh, think Crest Seeds

Available in convenient 20kg bags

C ............ Clean seeds

R ........ Reliable blends

E ........ Excellent value

S ......Specific formulas

T ..Trusted by breeders

  • Crest bird seed mixes are uniquely blended for high quality, consistent, and clean receipes
  • Crest premium quality mixes are formulated with input from breeders
  • Crest seeds are Multi-stage cleaned
  • Crest seeds are chosen for individual specials which results in minumal wastage by birds


CREST BIRDSEED RANGE                                                        

  • Crest Budgie Mix                                                                                                           
  • Crest Parrot Mix
  • Crest Small Parrot Mix
  • Crest Wildbird
  • Crest Pigeon Mix


  • Crest Premium Budgie Mix
  • Crest Premium Parrot Mix
  • Crest Premium Small Parrot Mix
  • Crest Premium Finch Mix
  • Crest Premium Canary Mix
  • Crest Premium Special Pigeon Mix

Crest also have a Straight Grain Range - Please contact the following for further information:

Crest Seeds Att: Chri Fechner email: Ph: 07 4630 2318 Fx: 07 4630 2348





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