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Milk Supply Team

Norco Milk SupplyNorco's Milk Supply team manage the daily interaction between the Co-operative and its Supplier Shareholders. The group's objective is to enhance dairy farm sustainability through excellence in agricultural extension, innovation and on-farm development.

In today's environment, dairy farm sustainability embraces more than just milk production, productivity and profit. It involves environmental stewardship, animal welfare and ensuring that the dairy community has a standard of living typical of modern society.

The Milk Supply team has excellent skills in various aspects of subtropical dairying including:

  • pasture and forage production
  • herd nutrition, reproduction and health
  • business management and enterprise growth.

The team also manages milk supply logistics, supports Norco's quality assurance program - Norco Quality First, and works closely with government, industry and agribusiness organisations to ensure that Norco suppliers and Norco products meet world class quality standards.

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